Stine started in the mortgage industry prior to Covid-19 and she loves a good challenge – one reason this is a great fit for her! Before entering the mortgage business with Trish, Stine had a background in communication and had been working with customer service for years.

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In 2018 Stine moved to the US from Denmark, to marry her husband Jake, a Marine she met in Copenhagen when he was stationed abroad. They settled down in the Parkville area, north of Kansas City. This is not Stine’s first time living abroad, in 2010 she attended a 9 month special course at University of Westminster in London, studying Organisational Psychology, and in 2015 she spent 5 months in the Costa Rican jungle.

Stine has a BA in English & Organisational Communication and an MBA in Organisational Communication and Leadership, with focus on Change Communication from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Stine enjoys travelling and adventures, she speaks 4 different languages and would not mind learning more. In 2015 she jumped the 3rd highest bungee jump in the world, and is excited for trying out number 1 and 2 in the future. Until then, she will most likely be found with a good glass of wine and a book.

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