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Buffini’s Peak Experience 2021
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Published on May 23, 2021

Buffini’s Peak Experience 2021

Chances are you have heard me shout the praises of Brian Buffini regularly. Especially if you are a realtor! Even after years of being in the mortgage business I still regularly learn how to better grow my business through Buffini’s variety of events and trainings. Recently, I had the chance to fly to Arizona to attend the Peak Experience and what an inspiration it was.

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I had the opportunity to connect with top realtors and brokers from all across the United States.

Now that I’m back, I wanted to take a moment to spread the wealth and share some of things that I found valuable with you.

  • The Power of Who by Bob Beaudine
    • This book is largely transformative and will completely change the way you view those around you. As Bob says, you already know everyone you need to know.
  • Jeb Smith on YouTube
  • I was lucky enough to get to sit with Jeb during a session and learned so much about how he generously shares knowledge of home buying and financing with viewers around the country.
  • These quotes were shared throughout the conference and provided the perfect amount of introspection, motivation, and inspiration
  • Agents and buyers around the US are doing all sorts of crazy and unique things to earn business in this competitive market. One idea I heard was offering pizza and beer for a year if you take our offer on your house!

While in Arizona I also had the chance to meet in person with a couple of our mortgage partners at UWM.  You may not realize that though we reside in completely different states, our Account Executive, Rami, and Underwriter, Alex, are incredibly close and in-tune with our everyday business at TLC. They both traveled to Arizona to meet up with the TLC Team, and we had such a wonderful time all being in the same location at once. That’s one amazing thing about technology — it keeps us connected when geography doesn’t always allow.


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